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Theresa Gonzalez understands the challenges of living a lie—being successful on the outside while keeping a painful secret on the inside.

    • Echos of Lost Stories

      It was Friday, October 17, 2003. I was speaking at a fundraising banquet for a crisis pregnancy centre in New Brunswick, sharing my story about an unplanned pregnancy and the subsequent adoption of my son. You sat in the corner, tears overflowing.

      Our eyes met but you left before we could talk—yet you impacted my life in a way you will never know. At that moment, I knew I needed to share my story on a larger scale—not just for me but to give a voice to the countless unspoken stories of those impacted by an adoption experience. Perhaps through my story others would feel encouraged and empowered to share theirs.

      And so, to the Silent Mom who sat silently weeping at the back of the room, this book is for you. You are one of the Silent Moms acknowledged in this book.

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Our History

Discover the courage to acknowledge
and accept your situation.

Our Healing

Learn to define, address, and truly feel all of your emotions.


Our Hope

Do the work needed to find forgiveness and the determination to see the process through.

A Few Words About the Book

My story is not unique. It echoes unspoken stories of thousands who came before me and thousands since. Whether you are a Silent Mom, an adoptee, a parent or grand-parent, sibling, or friend of a Silent Mom, I hope that this book will help you through your own healing journey and will also help you to walk beside someone on theirs.

Theresa Gonzalez

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Title Page
  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Acknowledging Our Past
  • Chapter 3 The Pregnancy
  • Chapter 4 My Baby’s Birth
  • Chapter 5 Denial
  • Chapter 6 Feeling Our Feelings
  • Chapter 7 Anger and Guilt
  • Chapter 8 Sadness and Depression
  • Chapter 9 Forgiveness
  • Chapter 10 Unfinished Business
  • Chapter 11 Getting Connected
  • Chapter 12 Grace and Gratitude
  • A Time of Discovery

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From Our Readers

Fran Hewitt
From heartbreak to healing. It takes courage and vulnerability to write about a painful past and it takes grace to want to reach out to others. This book is a gift to anyone who is ready to let go of the past and to live life fully. This is a story of loss and the cost of living life defensively. It goes straight to the heart of being human. Take Theresa's hard-earned insights to heart, act on them, and find within yourself the ability to live a richer more honest life.
Fran Hewitt
Author of The Ego and the Spirit and international bestseller The Power of Focus for Women
Patricia Morgan
Theresa Gonzalez gave her baby up for adoption, then went in a downward spiral. I can only imagine the anguish of a birth mother’s experience; as an adoptive Mother, I have often wondered. Silent Moms is written with vulnerability, truth, tenderness, and a dash of practicality; with heart and head. It will help those who are ready to explore and perhaps move on with their own journey of loss.
Patricia Morgan
Author of Love Her As She Is: Lessons from a Daughter Stolen by Addictions
Annette Stanwick photo
This book is truly a gift of courage and authenticity that paves a pathway from the regret and shame of hidden pregnancy and adoption secrets through the power of story, reflection, connection and healing that culminates in forgiveness.
Annette Stanwick
Author of award-winning and best-selling book FORGIVENESS: The Mystery and Miracle

Listen to the inspiring introduction

Theresa explains to us why this story needed to be told and how much unaddressed grief can impact our lives.

Silent Moms


Silent Moms is more than just a story. It’s a journey that allows anyone experiencing the loss of a child (from adoption) to journal their thoughts, emotions, fears (even how to share their secret), joys, and hopes. Even though the focus is on the grief of a birth mother, the book encompasses others (outside the adoption triangle) that desire a better path for their lives which includes: the courage to acknowledge and accept their situation, the willingness to let themselves feel (anger, sadness, grief), and the work needed for forgiveness, which can lead to grace and compassion but also strength and determination, and….finally peace.

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Silent Moms Book

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In this second edition of Silent Moms, Theresa still shares bits of her story but the focus has changed to the you, the reader. No matter someone’s history, entire chapters are dedicated to those experiencing a loss and the emotional roller coaster they might be on. Each chapter ends with pages for reflection and the book is full of thought-provoking questions to help someone peel back each layer of their grief journey.

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All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.
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First edition, 2012, Gibraltar Publishing, 51 Shore Drive, Rocky View County, AB T1Z 0H7

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Pregnant at 18, Theresa left her family and small town to live amongst strangers in a maternity home. Months later, she gave birth, relinquished her son, and departed alone, hoping to begin a new life. Instead, she found herself derailed by emotions she could not face and by losses that continued to accumulate. The lack of tools and knowledge needed to address her grief left her ill prepared which led to more destructive behaviours and emotions that lasted for years.

Her journey reveals to us the pain and burden of secrets and unresolved grief. This book is a guide for anyone struggling with a loss—someone who feels stuck but desires a better path for their lives. You will find: the courage to acknowledge and accept your situation; a willingness to define, address, and truly feel all of your emotions; the work needed for forgiveness; the strength to discover who you really are (without the baggage); and the determination to see the process through to find peace.

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